MLAW: A Suite of Tools for Nevada Family Law Practitioners

Interest and Penalties Calculator

This is the only child support calculator that accurately computes statutory interest and penalties under current Nevada law. It also can calculate interest on judgments – without penalties – that are subject to Nevada statutory interest rates. The calculator provides interest calculations, per-case payment calendars, and future payment scheduling for existing judgments and arrears. Child support penalties calculations are verifiably calculated, with printable reports for ease of dissemination to parties, reference at trial and are acceptable as a complete schedule of arrears by the District Courts.
  • Calculates interest to date on any lump sum or periodic arrears.
  • Calculates child support penalty in accordance with NRS 125B.095.
  • Automatically updates and accounts for all statutory interest rates to date.
  • Ensures your claims for arrears are complete and accurate.
  • Under NRS 99.040(1), the calculation and recovery of interest is required as a matter of right, is not discretionary, and only requires determination of the rate of interest, the time it commences to run, and the amount to which interest applies; the program does the work for you.

Case Summaries

To assist Nevada Family Law Attorney’s, we have created a fully searchable electronic database of curated relevant family law cases plus a brief summary of the holding. The database includes every family law case ever decided in the State of Nevada plus some relevant cases from other jurisdictions. In addition, we have included all family law related unpublished cases from both the Nevada Supreme Court and the Nevada Court of Appeals from 2016 onward.
  • Fully searchable case summaries as well as complete text of each case.
  • Constantly updated to provide all the latest developments in domestic relations case law, statutory authority, and state and local court rules.
  • Easily recall your previous searches.
  • Accessible at the office, at home, or in the courtroom via any computer or mobile device with internet capability.
  • Easily cut and paste case summaries and case text directly into your legal documents
  • Many extras including all of the Nevada Family Law Reporters, all recent briefs for major family law cases, and quotations that are useful in pleadings.

Home Equity Community Property Division, "Malmquist Calculation"

One of the most complicated calculations required in family law is that of the community interest in real property where there has been a separate property contribution. This calculator correctly applies the formula specified in Malmquist v. Malmquist, 792 P.2d 372 (1990). The required fields are annotated, mathematical consistency has been tested and verified and an easy to use question and answer format reduces the complexity to render an equitable and defensible report.
  • New Malmquist calculator now available for subscribers.
  • With known figures in hand, a complete report can be completed in minutes.
  • Includes all the fields required by the court mandated calculation, a feature missing from other available online implementations.
  • Less expensive then hiring outside preparers or experts.