Billing Policy

This is a subscription based web site where access is granted by Willick Law Group on a license for use basis.  Access is permitted to any subscriber who has paid for their particular license.  The costs for access to the site are determined by Willick Law Group and any offered discounts are subject to change with reasonable notice – but always before any new payments are received.  As of this writing, all discounts on future renewals are based upon an automatic renewal of the service currently purchased.  A renewal email will be sent to the subscriber approximately 30 days before the renewal is due.  Should the credit card be rejected at renewal, a courtesy email will be sent to the subscriber informing them of the rejection.  If the issue is satisfactorily resolved within 10 days of the renewal date, any offered discount will still apply.  However, if the issue is not resolved within 10 days, any future renewal will be made absent the discount.  If a subscriber either upgrades their subscription to both Case Summaries and Interest and Penalties Calculator from an original subscription on only one of the programs, the larger discount will be afforded to the new subscription.  Any reduction in subscription – going from both programs to only one – as long as it is done within the renewal period, will also receive the discount then being offered.  No pro-rating of the cost for either program is authorized and a purchase grants access for one calendar year from the date of purchase.